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The firm recognizes that any conviction or suggestion of wrongdoing on your part may have life-altering consequences. Because The Law Office of Gregory P. Garofalo understands the ramifications, a qualified attorney will aggressively fight to protect your rights, liberty, integrity, and livelihood while giving you the quality legal representation you deserve.

Take the proper steps today to ensure your rights are properly represented and aggressively defended. The Law Office of Gregory P. Garofalo has ample experience handling criminal cases all throughout the greater Saratoga County area. Take action as soon as possible to ensure you receive the best defense possible.

If you do not stand up for your Constitutional rights, nobody else will; especially the Government. A criminal conviction can be devastating to you financially, socially, and emotionally. However, as we say, a crime is not a conviction! Fight your case, and it may not ever become a conviction either. The Law Office of Gregory P. Garofalo has helped numerous of clients, just like you, achieve the best possible result for their criminal case.

The Law Office of Gregory P. Garofalo is ready to pursue your chance at freedom when you are facing criminal charges. The firm has ample experience practicing criminal law in the Saratoga County area. Call (518) 584-1557 to discuss the details of your case with a qualified Saratoga County criminal attorney.

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