Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyer East Greenbush

When you are dealing with law enforcement officials, take full advantage of this. Speaking to police about the details of your drunk driving accidents case only allows them to use your statements against you in court. Before saying anything, contact a East Greenbush drunk driving accidents lawyer to be sure your rights are fully protected.

If you have been charged with a drunk driving accidents crime in East Greenbush, you need a tough knowledgeable attorney on your side to fight for your rights. Facing any criminal charge is a frightening experience. Do not settle for an attorney that is uncompassionate and treats you as if you are just a case number.

The Law Office of Gregory P. Garofalo is committed to providing East Greenbush clients with dedicated and attentive representation. The firm prides itself on taking the time to actively listen to clients in order to thoroughly understand the underlying issues that have resulted in the present drunk driving accidents offense. When you hire The Law Office of Gregory P. Garofalo, an attorney will work closely with you every step of the process to educate you on your options.

The Law Office of Gregory P. Garofalo represents those who have been arrested or accused of a drunk driving accidents. Do not let your criminal charges or accusations destroy your future. Contact The Law Office of Gregory P. Garofalo at (518) 584-1557 to schedule your free initial case evaluation from a qualified criminal attorney.

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